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I am an Assistant Professor of Operations, Information, and Technology at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. My research lies in the intersection of revenue management and service operations, with a focus on (1) developing principles and practical methods of data-driven learning and sequential optimization in dynamic environments; and (2) studying the implications of these on market design, experiment design, and service provision in online markets and platforms, including product recommendation systems, ad auction platforms, and two-sided marketplaces. Such markets present competitive landscapes characterized by features such as complexity, uncertainty, and non-stationarity, that drive new operational challenges that are fundamental for increasing revenue streams and maintaining long-run sustainability in many online services. Prior to joining Stanford in 2014 I received my PhD in Decision, Risk, and Operations from Columbia Business School. I hold a B.Sc. degree from the School of Physics and Astronomy and an M.Sc. from the School of Mathematical Sciences, Tel Aviv University.